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Lulu - Wuppertal Opera - 26 May 2016

Dr Schon (Ralf Lukas) and Lulu (Martina Welschenbach)
Photos: Uwe Stratmann

Lulu – Martina Welschenbach
Dr Schon – Ralf Lukas
Alwa – Arnold Bezuyen
Countess Gewschwitz – Kathrin Goring
Artist/Negro – Johannes Grau
Animal Tamer/Athlete – Christian Tschelebiew
Schigolch – Martin Blasius
Gymnast/Groom – Sandra Borgarts
Prince/Room servant/Marquis – James Wood
Theatre Director/Banker – Michael Adair

Conductor – Toshiyuki Kamioka
Director – Beate Baron
Set design – Elisa Limberg
Costumes – Marie Gerstenberger
Lighting – Fredy Deisenroth
Film - Siegersbuschfilm

With its mixture of realism, fantasy, black humour and tragedy, Berg’s Lulu is not an opera that takes readily to straightforwardly narrative treatment. It is, in the best sense, too contrived for that, with its mirrored forms in music and drama, its larger-than-life characters and knowing self-reflection. The extent to which directors flesh out the story and milieu varies from one production to the next. Beate Baron, for her staging at Wuppertal Opera, takes a cue from the opera’s opening scene, in which the Animal Tamer introduces the characters as wild beasts, by peopling her stage with onlookers from the circus – garish clowns and ‘glamorous assistants’, young girls who in Act I usher each new character on to the scene. Lulu herself is a kind of figurative still centre around whom everyone else circles like hunters – a vision made concrete in the first scene of Act II when the rivals for her attention, the Athlete, the Gymnast, Schigolch, Alwa and her husband Dr Schön, skulk around with hunting rifles. Stuffed leopards furnish the abstract Schön household as if to push home the point. And if I interpreted the Act II film correctly, we see these same characters – running through the Wuppertal woods in evening dress – as pursuers becoming the pursued at the crux of the palindrome.

If Baron can be said to have taken a more feminist line than most of her male colleagues in interpretations of the work, it serves to highlight a kind of battle of the sexes that lies behind the character of Lulu herself, less active ‘femme fatale’ than innocent victim of the attention she attracts in others. Her ‘portrait’, painted by the Artist in the first scene, is a feminist symbol, a downward-pointing triangle on a white background, and her adherents wave a similar flag in her support in the latter stages of the opera. Marie Gerstenberger costumes all the main male admirers in variations on the same pale blue Crimplene-style suit, as if to indicate their common nature. Elisa Limberg’s simple set is a circle of black sand in a containing ring that occasionally revolves. At the start, the props – notably the divan on which Lulu’s lovers habitually die – are held in a huge net above the stage, and one by one ‘released’ during the closed-curtained interludes, as if we are to see the gradual accumulation of the elements that make up the presentation building up over time. Stage pictures are a crucial element, not always static and not always explicable – what, for instance, is the significance of Schön and the supposedly dead Artist wandering around with umbrellas after the latter character’s suicide?

In the early stages of the evening there was a sense of overkill in the visual splintering of ideas and images, more anti-narrative than narrative. But, to give the production its due credit, the feeling tends to fade as the performance progresses, until with Act III we begin to see where everything is leading. The libretto’s Paris salon, where investors in the Jungfrau Railway are at leisure, becomes a sunny resort, with the entire cast spread out on deckchairs in front of the black sand, which has now almost overwhelmed the divan. The dramatic mirror is emphasised in the final scene as each of Lulu’s three lovers returns with angel’s wings – we don’t need to see them as 'new' characters, the Professor or as Negro, until we are perhaps made to believe Jack the Ripper has turned up in the disguise of Dr Schön, as he divests himself of his wings before murdering Lulu. There’s also the suggestion that she is prostituting herself less for the money than for the attempt to regain the companionship she has successively lost over her serial relationships. That becomes her final tragedy.

Musically, Wuppertal Opera has everything to be proud of. The company may currently lack its own ensemble (a state of affairs that I understand is to be rectified under next season’s incoming regime), but its chorus amply supplied the smaller roles, with the others allotted to guests. Martina Welschenbach seems to have modelled her characterisation of the title role on Christine Schäfer’s famously nonchalant way with the role, but to good effect, and her singing throughout was focused and clearly projected. Ralf Lukas’s Dr Schön was powerfully engaging, his text conveyed with the vehemence and perspicacity of an experienced sometime Wotan, and Wagnerian credentials also bore fruit in the fine mixture of Helden- and character tenor that Arnold Bezuyen brought to the part of Alwa. Among the others there was no weak link, from Kathrin Göring’s warmly characterised Geschwitz and Sandra Borgarts’s earthy Gymnast to Johannes Grau’s virile Artist/Negro, Christian Tschelebiew’s visceral Animal Tamer/Athlete, Martin Blasius’s unusually sympathetic Schigolch and James Wood’s flutey Prince/Marquis. Toshiyuki Kamioka, conducting one of his last remaining performances as Wuppertal’s music director and intendant, made much of Berg’s expansion of late Romanticism in his score, which was played with warmth and penetrating character by the Wuppertal Symphony Orchestra.

Monday, 16 May 2016

The 2016-17 opera season

A summary of new productions and selected revivals being staged in the 2016/17 season in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Netherlands, the UK and the main companies in France. Information is given in good faith, but please confirm details with company websites/publications.

Last updated 25 August 2016.

Die Blume von Hawaii (d. Enzinger) – Dortmund from 21 Jan

The Gospel According to the Other Mary (d. Sellars, from ENO) – Bonn from 26 Mar

The Exterminating Angel (UKP, from Salzburg Festival, d. Cairns) – London ROH from 24 Apr
Powder Her Face (in German, d. Szalma) – Görlitz from 28 Jan
Powder Her Face (d. Engels) – Aachen from 19 Mar

Aladin (d. Woron) – Braunschweig from 11 Mar
Vanessa (d. Mokrusch) – Bremerhaven from 3 Jun

Bluebeard’s Castle (d. Ostermann/Schmeding, c/w music-theatre w’shop) – Darmstadt from 25 Sep
Bluebeard’s Castle (d. Tchernikov, c/w Eötvös) – Hamburg from 6 Nov
Bluebeard’s Castle (d. Vanishing Point; c/w The 8th Door (Paterson)) – Glasgow SO from 28 Mar
Bluebeard’s Castle (d. Bruncken; c/w tba) – Halle from 6 May
Bluebeard’s Castle (d. Vienne; c/w Ligeti Lux aeterna) – Brussels from 21 Jun NB Now postponed to 2017/18 season

Lot (WP; d. Hilbrich) – Hannover from 1 Apr
Prova d’orchestra (d. Weigner) – Münster from 20 May

Fidelio – Coburg from 18 Sep
Fidelio (d. Kupfer) – Berlin SO from 3 Oct
Fidelio (d. Hasko Weber) – Weimar from 25 Mar
Fidelio (d. Hampe) – Cologne from 11 Jun

Norma (d. Ollé) – London ROH from 12 Sep
Norma (d. Stöppler) – Mainz from 24 Sep
Norma (d. Hoheisel/Kogge) – Essen from 8 Oct
Norma (d. ) – Graz from 6 May
Norma (d. Braunschweig) – Nuremberg from 13 May
Norma (d. Wieler/Morabito, from Stuttgart) – Geneva from 16 Jun

Im weißen Rössl (d. Jordan/Koppelmann) – Mainz from 26 Nov

Lulu (d. Kentridge, from New York Met) – London ENO from 9 Nov
Lulu (d. Stöppler) – Weimar from 21 Jan
Lulu (two-act vn, d. Kaiser) – Ulm from 9 Feb
Lulu (d. Marthaler/w Hannigan) – Hamburg from 12 Feb
Lulu (d. Hertel) – Flensburg from 13 May
Wozzeck (d. Schmiedleitner) – Nürnberg from 18 Feb
Wozzeck (d. McVicar, from Chicago) – Geneva from 2 Mar
Wozzeck (d. Lübbe) – Erfurt from 25 Feb
Wozzeck (d. Warlikowski) – Amsterdam DNO from 18 Mar
Wozzeck (revival/d. Marthaler) – Paris ON from 26 Apr
Wozzeck (d. Lutz) – Cottbus from 24 Jun

La damnation de Faust (d. Raimondi) – Liège from 25 Jan
La damnation de Faust (d. Dittrich) – Bremen from 18 Mar
La damnation de Faust (d. Gilliam/c. Rattle) – Berlin SO from 27 May
Les troyens (d. Höckmeyer) – Frankfurt from 19 Feb

La reine (music theatre, d. Bischoff/w. Denoke) – Mannheim from 12 Feb

Candide (d. Cooper) – Cologne from 4 Dec
Candide – Pforzheim from 25 Feb
Mass (d. Ryser) – Lübeck from 17 Mar
West Side Story (d. Hertel) – Flensburg from 3 Dec

Carmen (d. Hovenbitzer) – Hof from 23 Sep
Carmen (d. Fouquet) – Flensburg from 24 Sep
Carmen (d. Muller) – Regensburg from 24 Sep
Carmen (d. Leimeier) – Oldenburg from 27 May
Carmen (d. Nicklich) – Koblenz (outdoors) from 1 Jul
Les pêcheurs de perles (d. Désiré) – Biel/Solothurn from 26 Feb
Les pêcheurs de perles (d. Pöckel) – Plauen from 1 Apr
Les pêcheurs de perles (d. Wenders/c. Barenboim) – Berlin SO from 24 Jun

Romeo and Juliet (revival) – Basel

Julie (d. Gruner) – Magdeburg from 12 Nov
Yvonne, Princesse de Bourgogne (GP, d. Schwalbach) – Oldenburg from 25 Mar

Prince Igor (d. Tchernikov) – Amsterdam DNO from 7 Feb

Billy Budd (d. Phelan) – Leeds ON from 1 Oct & touring
Death in Venice (d. Vick) – Berlin DO from 19 Mar
Death in Venice (d. Volpi) – Stuttgart from 7 May
A Midsummer Night’s Dream (d. Brown) – Trier from 24 Sep
A Midsummer Night’s Dream (d. Heibling) – Mainz from 12 May
Owen Wingrave (d. Creed) – Paris ON from 19 Nov
Paul Bunyan (d. Fassbaender) – Frankfurt from 9 Oct
Peter Grimes (d. Krenn) – Wiesbaden from 4 Feb
Peter Grimes (d. ?) – Schwerin from 7 Apr
Peter Grimes (d. Cura) – Bonn from 7 May
The Turn of the Screw (d. Thiel) – Gelsenkirchen from 10 Sep
The Turn of the Screw (d. Carsen, from Vienna TW) – Strasbourg from 21 Sep
The Turn of the Screw (d. Knuth) – Erfurt from 30 Sep
The Turn of the Screw (d. von Mayenburg) – Bern from 13 May

Bröder, Alois
Unverhofftes Wiedersehen (WP, d. Weckesser) – Wurzburg from 24 Jun

Doktor Faust (d. Warner) – Dresden from 19 Mar
Doktor Faust (d. Amaya) – Hildesheim from 15 Apr

La Wally – Niederbayern from ?
La Wally (d. Stiehl) – Vienna VO from 25 Mar

La Calisto (in English) – English Touring Opera from 14 Oct
La Calisto (d. Clément) – Strasbourg from 26 Apr
Eliogabalo – Paris ON from 16 Sep
Il giasone (d. Sinigaglia) – Geneva from 25 Jan
Hipermestra (UKP, d. Vick, c. Christie) – Glyndebourne from 20 May

Charpentier, Marc-Antoine
Médée (d. Homoki, c. Christie) – Zurich from 22 Jan

Adriana Lecouvreur (d. Thoma) – Karlsruhe from

Der Barbier von Baghdad (d. Pöckel) – Zwickau from 27 Jan
Der Barbier von Baghdad (d. Hovenbitzer) – Gießen from 28 Jan
Der Barbier von Baghdad (conc. perf.) – Wuppertal from 10 Jun

Dalbavie, Marc-André
Charlotte Salomon (GP) – Bielefeld from 14 Jan

Pelléas et Mélisande (d. McVicar) – Glasgow SO from 23 Feb & touring
Pelléas et Mélisande (revival/d. Guth) – Frankfurt from 25 Mar
Pelléas et Mélisande (d. Marelli) – Vienna SO from 18 Jun

Dean, Brett
Hamlet (WP, d. Armfield, c. Jurowski) – Glyndebourne from 11 Jun

Defoort, Kris
Daral Shaga (d. de Coen) – Brussels from 11 Jan

Doderer, Johanna
Liliom (WP; d. Köpplinger) – Munich SG from 4 Nov

Don Pasquale (d. Rousseau) – Biel/Solothurn from 23 Sep
Don Pasquale (d. Köhler) – Altenburg from 3 Oct
Don Pasquale (d. Villazón) – Düsseldorf from 29 Apr
L’elisir d’amore (d. Spirei) – Karlsruhe from 15 Oct
L’elisir d’amore (d. Poda) – Strasbourg from 21 Oct
L’elisir d’amore (d. von Studnitz) – Ulm from 10 Nov
L’elisir d’amore – Bielefeld from 3 Dec
L’elisir d’amore (d. Bauer) – Saarbrücken from 25 Feb
L’elisir d’amore (d. Ribitzki) – Hannover from 1 Jun
La favorite (d. Niermeyer) – Munich from 23 Oct
La fille du regiment (semi-staged) – Oldenburg from 2 Dec
Lucia di Lammermoor – Niederbayern from ?
Lucia di Lammermoor (d. D. Alden) – Bonn from 30 Oct
Lucia di Lammermoor (d. Thalbach) – Leipzig from 26 Nov
Lucia di Lammermoor – Hagen from 21 Jan
Maria Stuarda (d. Grisebach) – Flensburg from 14 Jan
Viva la mamma! (d. Pelly) – Lyon from 22 Jun

Dorman, Avner
Wahnfried (WP; d. Warner) – Karlsruhe from 28 Jan

Rusalka (d. Reinhardt) – Innsbruck from 24 Sep
Rusalka (d. Dicu) – Augsburg from 25 Feb

Eggert, Max
Freax (WP, d. Lucassen) – Regensburg from 21 Jan

Peer Gynt (d. Konwitschny) – Vienna TW from 17 Feb

Eichberg, Søren Nils
Glare (GP; d. Lehner) – Koblenz from 11 Mar

Senza sangue (WP, d. Tchernikov; c/w Bluebeard) – Hamburg from 6 Nov

The New Prince (WP) – Amsterdam from 24 Mar

Fennessy, David
Sweat of the Sun – Osnabrück from 2 Jun

Martha (d. Thoma) – Frankfurt from 16 Oct
Martha (d. Pölzgutter) – Regensburg from 29 Oct

Trompe-la-mort (WP) – Paris ON from 16 Mar

Das Lied der Nacht (d. Pörzgen) – Osnabrück from 29 Apr

Andrea Chénier (d. Stölz) – Munich from 12 Mar

Einstein on the Beach (d. Voges) – Dortmund from 23 Apr
The Fall of the House of Usher (d. Lehner) – Koblenz from 10 Mar
Satyagraha (d. Cherkauoi) – Basel from 28 Apr
The Trial (d. McCarthy) – Glasgow SO from 24 Jan

Alceste (d. Ollé/La Fura dels Baus0 – Lyon from 2 May
Armide (d. Alexandre) – Vienna SO from 16 Oct
Armide (d. Steier) – Mainz from 14 Jan
Ezio (revival) – Frankfurt from 9 Dec
Iphigenie auf Tauris (arr. R. Strauss) (d. Mielitz) – Meiningen from 24 Sep
Orphée (concert perf.) – Aachen from 4 Dec
Orphée, as Orfeo2, arr. Aucoin (d. Fitch) – Salzburg from 22 Jan
Orphée (d. Volga) – Innsbruck from 20 May
Orphée – Mönchengladbach from 15 Jun

Gnesin, Michail
Der jugend Abrahams (1924) (d. Berger-Görski; c/w Tal) – Gera from 25 Mar

Cinq-Mars (d. Pilavachi) – Leipzig from 20 May
Faust (d. Fuchs) – Magdeburg from 10 Sep
Faust (d. Stiehl) – Münster from 10 Sep
Faust (d. Fulljames) – Dortmund from 17 Sep
Faust (d. Castorf) – Stuttgart from 30 Oct
Faust (d. Wiegand) – Darmstadt from 28 Jan
Faust (d. Lowery) – Bern from 29 Jan
Faust – Schwerin from 7 May
Faust – Greifswald from 28 May
Roméo et Juliette (d. ) – Graz from 5 Nov
Roméo et Juliette (d. Lucassen) – Kassel from 8 Apr
Roméo et Juliette (d. Grazzini) – Erfurt from 13 May

Geschichten aus dem Wiener Wald – Hagen from 24 Jun

Morgen und Abend (d. Kerkhof) – Heidelberg from 3 Feb

Hahn, Reynaldo
The Merchant of Venice (GP) – Bielefeld from 28 Apr

La juîve (d. Konwitschny, from Flanders/Mannheim) – Strasbourg from 3 Feb

Agrippina (d. Dale) – Oldenburg from 15 Oct
Alcina (d. Ritschel) – Münster from 14 Jan
Alcina (d. Steier) – Basel from 10 Jun
Ariodante (d. Wieler/Morabito) – Stuttgart from 5 Mar
Ariodante (d. Widder) – Lübeck from 28 Apr
Hercules (d. Lowery) – Mannheim from 9 Dec
Hercules (d. Ambrosino) – Erfurt from 15 Jan
Giulio Cesare (d. Klepper) – Freiburg from 11 Feb
Jeptha (d. Guth, from Paris ON) – Amsterdam DNO from 9 Nov
Jeptha (d. Gürbaca) – Halle from 26 May
Rinaldo (d. Van Rensburg) – Chemnitz from 25 Mar
Semele (d. Visser) – Karslruhe from 22 Feb
Xerxes (d. Conway) – English Touring Opera from 8 Oct
Xerxes (d. Köhler) – Frankfurt from 8 Jan
Xerxes (d. Repschläger) – Neustrelitz from 6 May

Simplicius Simplicissimus (d. Gürbaca) – Bremen from 28 Jan
Simplicius Simplicissimus (d. Fioroni) – Augsburg from 2 Jun

Il mondo della luna – Plauen from 14 Jan
Il mondo della luna (d. Horres) – Linz from 4 Mar

Hefti, David Philip
Annas Maske (WP) – St Gallen from 6 May

Elegy for Young Lovers – Gütersloh/Detmold from 29 Apr
Elegy for Young Lovers (d. Warner) – Vienna TW from 2 May
The English Cat (d. Schlingmann) – Hannover from 26 Nov

Cardillac (d. Münstermann) – Pforzheim from 27 May
Die Harmonie der Welt (d. Hilsdorf) – Linz from 8 Apr
Mathis der Maler (d. Stöppler) – Mainz from 18 Mar
Sancta Susanna (revival/d. Martone, c/w Cavalleria) – Paris ON from 30 Nov

Jeanne d’Arc au bûcher (d. Castelucci) – Lyon from 21 Jan
Jeanne d’Arc au bûcher (d. Ollé; c/w Debussy: Damoiselle elué) – Frankfurt from 11 Jun

Matsukaze (revival, d. Waltz) – Brussels from 6 Apr
The Raven (GP; c/w Voix humaine) – Coburg from 14 May

Hänsel und Gretel – Kaiserslautern from 29 Oct
Hänsel und Gretel (d. Reitmeier) – Salzburg from 30 Oct
Hänsel und Gretel (d. Weigand) – Dessau from 5 Nov
Hänsel und Gretel (d. Riemenschneider) – Bremen from 25 Nov
Hänsel und Gretel (d. Horstkotte) – Mönchengladbach from 3 Dec
Hänsel und Gretel (d. Siegl) – Trier from 16 Dec
Hänsel und Gretel (d. Dick) – Leeds ON from 2 Feb & touring
Hänsel und Gretel (d. Firmbach) – Lüneburg from 17 Jun

The Cunning Little Vixen – Niederbayern from ?
The Cunning Little Vixen (d. Carsen) – Strasbourg from 11 Dec
The Cunning Little Vixen – Coburg from 4 Feb
Jenůfa (revival from 2015/16; d. Kuntze) – Gera from 22 Oct
Jenůfa (d. Schmeding, from Detmold ?) – Darmstadt from 4 Mar
Katya Kabanova (revival from 2015/16) – Krefeld from 15 Oct
Katya Kabanova – Avignon from 27 Nov
Katya Kabanova (d. Baur) – Saarbrücken from 14 Jan
The Makropulos Case (d. Mundruczó) – Antwerp/Gent from 14 Sep
The Makropulos Case (d. Nemirova) – Freiburg from 26 Nov

Where the Wild Things Are (d. Westerbarkei) – Duisburg from 2 Mar

Der Ring der Polykrates (d. Kim; c/w Wir gratulieren) – Heidelberg from 28 May
Die stumme Serenade – Coburg from 25 Feb
Die tote Stadt (d. Stone) – Basel from 17 Sep
Der Wunder der Heliane (concert perfs.) – Vienna VO from 28 Jan [NB Berlin DO staging in 2018]
Der Wunder der Heliane (concert perfs.) – Freiburg, 22/27 Jul

Diktator/Schwergewicht/Geheime Königreich (dir. Hermann) – Frankfurt from 30 Apr

Der Graf von Luxembourg (d. J-D. Herzog) – Düsseldorf from 3 Dec
Das Land des Lächelns (d. Stiehl) – Klagenfurt from 17 Dec
Das Land des Lächelns (d. Homoki) – Zurich from 18 Jun
Die lustige Witwe – Osnabrück from 26 Nov
Die lustige Witwe (d. Wissmann) – Gelsenkirchen from 16 Dec
Die lustige Witwe (d. Hertel) – Flensburg from 4 Apr

Pagliacci (d. Frédric; c/w Cavalleria) – Strasbourg from 3 Jun
Pagliacci (d. Horstkotte; c/w Cavalleria) – Plauen from 10 Jun

Regina (revival from 2015-16, d. Wernecke) – Meiningen from 4 Nov 
Der Wildschutz  - Freiberg from 8 Oct 

Der Vampyr (d. Nunes, from Berlin KO) – Geneva from 19 Nov
Der Vampyr (d. Goerden) – Koblenz from 6 May

Le vin herbé (d. Graham, in English) – Cardiff WNO from 16 Feb & touring

Cavalleria rusticana (d. De Carpentries; c/w Gianni Schicchi) – Krefeld from 17 Sep
Cavalleria rusticana (d. Potocki; c/w A Santa Lucia) – Dessau from 1 Apr
Cavalleria rusticana (d. Frédric; c/w Pagliacci) – Strasbourg from 3 Jun
Cavalleria rusticana (d. Horstkotte; c/w Pagliacci) – Plauen from 10 Jun

Cendrillon (d. Mundel) – Freiburg from 8 Apr
Manon (d. Py) – Geneva from 12 Sep
Werther (d. Prins) – Braunschweig from 21 Jan
Werther (d. Gürbaca) – Zurich from 2 Apr

The Consul – Mönchengladbach from 4 Feb
The Consul – Munich from 28 Mar

Les Huguenots (d. Helmleb) – Kiel from 24 Sep
Les Huguenots (d. Sugao) – Wurzburg from 2 Oct
Les Huguenots (d. D. Alden) – Berlin DO from 13 Nov
La prophète (d. Boussard) – Essen from 9 Apr

Il coronazione di Poppea – Bielefeld from 10 Jun
Il ritorno d’Ulisse in patria (d. Conway, in English) – English Touring Opera from 15 Oct
Il ritorno d’Ulisse in patria (d. Bothe) – Mannheim from 4 Mar

Morse, Thomas
Frau Schindler (WP, d. Cazan) – Munich SG from 9 Mar

Betulia liberata (d. Gloger) – Frankfurt from 21 Jun
La clemenza di Tito (d. Münzing) – Ulm from 30 Mar
La clemenza di Tito (d. Buhr) – Essen from 3 Jun
La clemenza di Tito (d. Kinmonth) – Karlsruhe from 8 Jul
La clemenza di Tito (d. Guth) – Glyndebourne from 26 Jul
Così fan tutte (d. Gloger) – London ROH from 22 Sep
Così fan tutte (d. Borgmann) – Berlin DO from 25 Sep
Così fan tutte (d. Hilsdorf) – Darmstadt from 29 Oct
Così fan tutte (d. Prins) – Erfurt from 19 Nov
Così fan tutte (d. Repschläger) – Neustrelitz from 21 Jan
Così fan tutte (d. Richter) – Gießen from 25 Mar
Così fan tutte (d. Bösch) – Geneva from 30 Apr
Die Entfuhrung der Serail (d. Schachermeier) – Klagenfurt from 30 Oct
Die Entfuhrung der Serail (d. Hermann) – Zurich from 6 Nov
Die Entfuhrung der Serail (d. Simons) – Amsterdam DNO from 13 Jan
Die Entfuhrung der Serail (d. S. Herzog) – Wurzburg from 27 Nov
Die Entfuhrung der Serail (d. Dijkema) – Dresden from 15 Apr
La finta giardino (d. Heyder) – Magdeburg from 6 May
Don Giovanni (d. Amaya) – Hildesheim from 17 Sep
Don Giovanni (d. Jones) – London ENO from 30 Sep
Don Giovanni (d. van Dormael) – Liège from 20 Nov
Don Giovanni (d. Peters-Messer) – Bonn from 11 Dec
Don Giovanni (d. de Carpentries) – Linz from 21 Jan
Don Giovanni (d. Jones, from ENO) – Basel from 27 Jan
Don Giovanni (d. Baur) – Gelsenkirchen from 29 Apr
Don Giovanni (d. Föttinger) – Munich SG from 24 Jun
Idomeneo (d. Konwitschny) – Augsburg from 4 Dec
Idomeneo (d. Siegert) – Salzburg from 4 Dec
Idomeneo (d. Liepold-Mosser) – Trier from 3 Jun
Lucio Silla (d. Kratzer) – Brussels from 17 Mar NB Now postponed to 2017/18 season
Lucio Silla (d. Pfluger) – Biel/Solothurn from 23 Apr
Le nozze di Figaro (d. N.C. Weber) – St Gallen from 17 Sep
Le nozze di Figaro (d. Theorell) – Kassel from 24 Sep
Le nozze di Figaro (d. Mora) – Koblenz from 24 Sep
Le nozze di Figaro (d. Stolz) – Pforzheim from 29 Oct
Le nozze di Figaro (d. Menthe) – Innsbruck from 12 Nov
Le nozze di Figaro (d. Bothe) – Bern from 26 Nov
Le nozze di Figaro (d. Malkowsky) – Chemnitz from 20 May
Le nozze di Figaro (d. Bastet) – Cologne from 21 May
Le nozze di Figaro – Coburg from 3 Jun
Die Zauberflöte – Osnabrück from 3 Sep
Die Zauberflöte (von Mayenburg) – Heidelberg from 23 Sep
Die Zauberflöte (d. Steckel) – Hamburg from 23 Sep
Die Zauberflöte (d. Kochan) – Wiesbaden from 14 Oct
Die Zauberflöte (d. Huber) – Dortmund from 26 Nov
Die Zauberflöte – Luzern from 17 Dec

Boris Godunov (d. Konwitschny) – Nürnberg from 1 Oct
Boris Godunov (d. Jones) – Berlin DO from 17 Jun
Sorochinsky Fair (d. Kosky) – Berlin KO from 2 Apr

Nemtsov, Sarah
Gräben der Freude (WP; d. Lutz) – Halle from 5 Mar

Prometeo – Luzern Festival from 9 Sep

The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat (d. Eimer) – Dessau from 13 May
The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat – Krefeld from 19 May

Obst, Michael
Die andere Seite (AP, d. Dew) – Linz from 20 May
Solaris (AP, d. Schneider) – Linz from 17 Sep

Les contes d’Hoffmann (d. Lowery, c. Parry) – Wuppertal from 18 Sep
Les contes d’Hoffmann (d. Doucet, from Bonn) – Vienna VO from 15 Oct
Les contes d’Hoffmann (d. ?) – Schwerin from 28 Oct
Les contes d’Hoffmann (d. Erath) – Dresden from 4 Dec
Les contes d’Hoffmann (d. Poewe) – Meiningen from 20 Jan
Les contes d’Hoffmann (d. Straube) – Neustrelitz from 18 Mar
Les contes d’Hoffmann (d. Dijkema) – Gelsenkirchen from 10 Jun
La grande-duchesse de Gerolstein (d. Altaras) – Kassel from 29 Oct
Orphée aux enfers (d. Petras) – Stuttgart from 4 Dec
Orphée aux enfers (d. Servais) – Liège from 20 Dec
Orphée aux enfers (d. Weber) – Regensburg from 11 Mar

Oehring, Helmut
Aschemond oder The Fairy Queen (WP of orig. vn, d. Karaman) – Wuppertal from 29 Jan

Carmelites (revival from 2015/16, d. Stöppler) – Mainz from 29 Oct
Carmelites (d. Krause) – Hof from 11 Mar
Carmelites (revival/d. Lehnhoff) – Hamburg from 21 Apr

The Love of Three Oranges (d. Welker) – Wuppertal from 29 Oct
The Fiery Angel (d. Andrews, from Berlin KO) – Lyon from 11 Oct
The Fiery Angel (d. Bieito) – Zurich from 7 May
The Gambler (revival/d. Kupfer) – Frankfurt from 27 Jan

La bohème (d. Leitenschneider) – Nordhausen from 16 Sep
La bohème (d. Nicklisch) – Pforzheim from 16 Sep
La bohème (d. J-D Herzog) – Bonn from 25 Sep
La bohème (d. Wagemakers) – Mainz from 15 Oct
La bohème (d. Hartmann) – Geneva from 21 Dec
La bohème (d. Gergen) – Salzburg from 26 Feb
La bohème (d. Doucet) – Glasgow SO from 9 May & touring
Gianni Schicchi (d. De Carpentries) – Krefeld from 17 Sep
Gianni Schicchi (d. Zimmermann, c/w Rota) – Biel/Solothurn from 16 Dec
Madama Butterfly (d. Miskimmon) – Glyndebourne from 14 Oct & touring
Madama Butterfly (d. Rechi) – Duisburg from 4 Feb
Madama Butterfly (d. Dehlholm) – Brussels from 2 May
Manon Lescaut (d. Tambosi) – Hannover from 10 Sep
Manon Lescaut (d. Kaiser) – Ulm from 29 Sep
Manon Lescaut (d. Breth) – Amsterdam DNO from 10 Oct
Manon Lescaut (d. Flimm) – Berlin SO from 4 Dec
Manon Lescaut (d. Sutcliffe) – Osnabrück from 14 Jan
Manon Lescaut (d. de Carpentries) – Görlitz from 8 Apr
La rondine – Graz from 12 Jan
Il tabarro/Suor Angelica (d. Pountney/Barker-Caven) – Leeds ON from 1 Oct & touring
Il tabarro/Gianni Schicchi (d. Berger) – Bremen from 16 Apr
Tosca (d. Schwab) – Braunschweig from 10 Sep
Tosca (d. K. Stone) – Magdeburg from 20 Oct
Tosca (d. Lowery) – Augsburg from 29 Oct
Tosca (d. Knabe) – Lübeck from 18 Nov
Tosca (d. Biganzoli) – Halle from 26 Nov
Tosca (d. Höckmayr) – Darmstadt from 3 Dec
Il trittico (d. Corradi) – Aachen from 15 Jan
Turandot (d. Cura) – Liège from 23 Sep
Turandot (d. Horstkotte) – Chemnitz from 24 Sep
Turandot (d. Kovalik) – Leipzig from 22 Oct
Turandot (d. Steier) – Cologne from 2 Apr
Turandot (concert perf.) – Leeds ON from 28 Apr & touring
Turandot (d. Schüler) – Cottbus from 30 Apr

Dido and Aeneas (d. Roussat, Lubak) – Liège from 9 May
The Fairy Queen (d. Clément) – Vienna TW from 19 Jan
The Fairy Queen (d. Fulljames) – Bremen from 21 May
King Arthur (d. Fischer) – Munich SG from 8 Dec
King Arthur (d. Bechtolf/c. Jacobs) – Berlin SO from 15 Jan

Les fêtes de’Hebe – Paris ON from 22 Mar
Platée – Niederbayern from ?
Zoroastre (d. Kratzer) – Berlin KO from 18 Jun

A Dog’s Heart (revival, d. McBurney) – Amsterdam DNO from 22 Apr

L’heure espagnole/L’enfant et les sortiléges (d. Lachaussée) – Cologne from 25 Sep
L’enfant et les sortiléges (d. ‘1927’) – Berlin KO from 28 Jan

The Cave – Frankfurt from 16 Dec
Three Tales – Wuppertal from 17 Sep

Die Gespensonate (d. Katzemeier) – Berlin SO from 25 Jun
Medea (d. Andrews) – Berlin KO from 21 May

Jakob Lenz (d. Breth) – Berlin SO from 5 Jul

Golden Cockerel (d. Pelly) – Brussels from 13 Dec
Sadko (d. Kramer) – Gent from 20 Jun
The Snow Maiden (d. Fulljames) – Leeds ON from 21 Jan & touring

Il barbiere di Siviglia (d. Serebrennikov) – Berlin KO from 9 Oct
Il barbiere di Siviglia (d. Wernecke) – Meiningen from 10 Oct
Il barbiere di Siviglia (d. Talke) – Bremen from 22 Oct
Il barbiere di Siviglia (d. Wernecke) – Eisenach from 20 May
La cenerentola (d. Collins, in English) – Leeds ON from 16 Feb & touring
Elisabetta, regina d’Inghilterra (d. Niermeyer) – Vienna TW from 17 Mar
L’italiana in Algieri (d. Kratzer) – Weimar from 15 Oct
L’italiana in Algieri (d. Scozzi) – Nürnberg from 21 Jan
L’italiana in Algieri – Luzern from 29 Jan
Semiramide (d. D. Alden) – Munich from 12 Feb
Il viaggio al Reims (d. Maestrini) – Kiel from 28 Jan & Lübeck from 5 Feb

The Italian Straw Hat – Gelsenkirchen from 19 Nov
La notte di un nevrastenico (in German, d. Papke, c/w Il segreto di Susanna) – Görlitz from 19 Nov
La notte di un nevrastenico (d. Zimmermann, c/w Gianni Schicchi) – Biel/Solothurn from 16 Dec

Samson et Dalila (d. Michieletto) – Paris ON from 4 Oct
Samson et Dalila (conc. perf.) – Dessau from 3 Jun

Falstaff (d. Fischer) – Vienna TW from 12 Oct
La scuola de’ gelosi – Vienna TW from 18 May

Scarlatti, A
La guiditta ‘di Cambridge’ (d. Pichler) – Wiesbaden from 28 Jan

Scartazzini, Andrea Lorenzo
Der Sandmann (d. Loy) – Frankfurt from 18 Sep
Edward II (WP/d. Loy) – Berlin DO from 19 Feb

Life with an Idiot (d. Rootering) – Giessen from 13 May

Schreier, Anno
Hamlet (WP, d. Loy) – Vienna TW from 11 Sep

Die Gezeichneten (d. Warlikowski) – Munich from 1 July
Die Gezeichneten (revival, d. Kinmonth) – Cologne from 2 July

Genoveva (d. Kim) – Mannheim from 29 Apr

Lohengrin – Dresden from 28 May

Lady Macbeth of Mtsensk (d. Kupfer) – Munich from 28 Nov
Lady Macbeth of Mtsensk (revival, d. Homoki) – Zurich from 27 Dec
The Nose (d. Kosky, in English) – London ROH from 20 Oct

The Bartered Bride (d. Berger) – Hannover from 29 Oct
The Bartered Bride (d. Weckesser) – Erfurt from 17 Dec

Sommer, Hans
Rübezahl und der Sackpfeifer von Neiße (1904) (revival from 2015/16, d. Kuntze) – Altenburg from 29 Jan

Wir werde ich reich und glücklich? (d. Dvořák et al) – Mannheim from 21 Jan

South Pole – Darmstadt from 27 May

Staud, Johannes Maria
Die Antilope (WP/GP?, d. Mentha) – Cologne from 5 Mar

Donnerstag aus ‘Licht’ (revival from 2015/16, d. Steier) – Basel from 29 Sep

Straus, Oscar
Die Perlen der Cleopatra (d. Kosky) – Berlin KO from 3 Dec

Strauss, Johann
Die Fledermaus (d. Rech) – Wiesbaden from 16 Sep
Die Fledermaus – Bremerhaven from 25 Dec
Ein Nacht in Venedig (d. Materna) – Pforzheim from 10 Dec
Ein Nacht in Venedig (d. Langdal) – Lyon from 14 Dec
Wiener Blut (d. Piontek) – Görlitz from 24 Sep
Der Zigeunerbaron – Niederbayern from ?
Der Zigeunerbaron (d. Gottschalk) – Hildesheim from 3 Dec

Strauss, Richard
Arabella (revival/d. Schmidt-Garre) – Leipzig from 18 Sep 
Arabella - Freiberg from 18 Mar 
Arabella (revival/d. Loy) – Frankfurt from 6 May
Ariadne auf Naxos (d. Dale) – Nederlandse Reisopera from 10 Sep
Ariadne auf Naxos (d. Eggers) – Lübeck from 10 Sep 
Ariadne auf Naxos – Aachen from 14 May
Capriccio (d. Marton, from Lyon) – Brussels from 3 Nov
Capriccio (Pilavachi, from Meiningen) – Innsbruck from 17 Jun
Daphne (revival/d. Loy) – Hamburg from 1 Mar
Elektra (d. Chéreau) – Berlin SO from 23 Oct
Elektra (d. Dietz) – Kassel from 18 Feb
Elektra (revival from Dresden 1986, d. Berghaus) – Lyon from 17 Mar
Die Frau ohne Schatten (revival/d. Laufenberg) – Wiesbaden from 25 Sep
Die Frau ohne Schatten (d. Guth) – Berlin SO from 9 Apr
Die Frau ohne Schatten (d. Kriegenburg) – Hamburg from 16 Apr
Die Frau ohne Schatten (revival; d. Kovalik) – Leipzig from 23 Apr
Der Rosenkavalier (revival, d. McVicar) – Leeds ON from 17 Sep & touring
Der Rosenkavalier (d. Carsen) – London ROH from 17 Dec
Der Rosenkavalier (d. Dietze) – Koblenz from 21 Jan
Der Rosenkavalier (d. Fuchs, from Magdeburg, c. Hanus) – Cardiff WNO from 3 Jun
Salome (d. Sturminger) – Klagenfurt from 15 Sep
Salome (d. Schulz) – Dresden from 24 Sep
Salome (d. Adam) – Linz from 12 Nov
Salome (d. Leitenschneider) – Nordhausen from 20 Jan
Salome (d. Py) – Strasbourg from 10 Mar
Salome (d. Fassbaender) – Regensburg from 7 May
Salome (d. Van Hove, c. Gatti) – Amsterdam DNO from 9 Jun
Salome (d. Stiehl) – Leipzig from 17 Jun

The Rake’s Progress (revival) – Frankfurt from 31 Mar

Tal, Josef
Saul in ein Dor (1955) (d. Berger-Görski; c/w Gnessin) – Gera from 25 Mar

Tasca, Pierantonio
A Santa Lucia (1892) (d. Potocki; c/w Cavalleria) – Dessau from 1 Apr

Eugene Onegin (revival/d. Kosky) – Berlin KO from 12 Nov
Eugene Onegin (d. Lukassen) – Frankfurt from 20 Nov
Eugene Onegin (d. Barkhatov) – Wiesbaden from 11 Mar, Darmstadt from 1 Jun
The Queen of Spades (d. Malkowsky) – Chemnitz from 26 Nov
The Queen of Spades (d. Folwill) – Ulm from 22 Dec
The Queen of Spades (d. Wieler/Morabito) – Stuttgart from 11 Jun
Mazeppa (d. Kuntze) – Gera from 28 Apr

Tchaikowsky, André
The Merchant of Venice (d. Warner, from Bregenz) – Cardiff WNO from 16 Sep & touring

Thomalla, Hans
Kaspar Hauser (d. Hilbrich) – Augsburg from 23 Apr

Antigona (d. Müller) – Kassel from 3 Jun

Trojan, Manfred
Limonen aus Sizilien (d. Pörzgen) – Vienna VO from 12 Feb
Orest (SP, d. Neuenfels) – Zurich from 26 Feb

Kaiser von Atlantis – Vienna TW from 11 Jan

Aida (d. Vontobel) – Mannheim from 29 Oct
Attila – Kaiserslautern from 17 Sep
Attila (d. Hilsdorf) – Bonn from 29 Jan
Attila (d. Konwitschny) – Nuremberg from 24 Jun
Un ballo in maschera (d. Strassberger) – Innsbruck from 11 Feb
Un ballo in maschera – Greifswald from 18 Mar
Un ballo in maschera (d. Hovenbitzer) – Bremerhaven from 29 Apr
Un ballo in maschera (d. Reichwald) – Regensburg from 25 Jun
Don Carlo – Bielefeld from 30 Sep
Falstaff (d. Montavon) – Linz from 16 Sep
Falstaff (d. Hillsdorf) – Cologne from 30 Oct
Falstaff (d. McVicar, c. Mehta) – Vienna SO from 4 Dec
Falstaff (d. Peters) – Münster from 5 Nov
La forza del destino (d. Baumgarten) – Basel from 22 Oct
Un giorno di regno (d. Kochheim) – Braunschweig from 26 May
Jerusalem (d. Bieito) – Freiburg from 1 Oct
Jerusalem (d. di Pralafera) – Liège from 17 Mar
Luisa Miller (d. Mentha) – Kassel from 17 Dec
Macbeth (d. Mears) – Cardiff WNO from 10 Sep & touring
Macbeth (d. Fredj) – Brussels from 13 Sep
Macbeth (d. Loschky) – Oldenburg from 17 Sep
Macbeth (d. Heyder) – Aachen from 8 Nov
Macbeth (d. Geyer) – Vienna TW from 11 Nov
Nabucco (d. di Pralafera) – Liège from 18 Oct
Nabucco (d. Recinella) – Wurzburg from 28 Jan
Nabucco (d. Sapi) – St Gallen from 11 Mar
Otello (d. Fouquet) – Lüneburg from 17 Sep
Otello (d. Thalheimer) – Düsseldorf from 8 Oct
Otello (d. Bieito) – Hamburg from 25 Jan
Otello (d. Schlösser) – Klagenfurt from 9 Feb
Otello (d. Boussard) – Dresden from 23 Feb
Otello (d. J-D. Herzog) – Dortmund from 26 Mar
Otello (d. Gühlstorff) – Weimar from 20 May
Otello (d. di Pralafera) – Liège from 16 Jun
Otello (d. Warner, w Kaufmann) – London ROH from 21 Jun
Rigoletto – Luzern from 16 Oct
Rigoletto (d. Hilbrich) – Essen from 21 Jan
Rigoletto (d. Müller) – Frankfurt from 19 Mar
Rigoletto (d. Kuljabin) – Wuppertal from 9 Apr
Rigoletto (d. Michieletti) – Amsterdam DNO from 9 May
Simon Boccanegra (d. Hermann) – Antwerp/Gent from 5 Feb
Simon Boccanegra (d. Loschky) – Saarbrücken from 22 Apr
La traviata (d. Starczewski) – Gießen from 10 Sep
La traviata – Luzern from 2 Apr
Il trovatore (d. Abbado) – Vienna SO from 5 Feb

Vollmer, Ludwig
Crusades (WP; d. Celik) – Freiburg from 14 Jan
Tschick – Hagen from 28 May

Vosiček, Šimon
Biedermann und die Brandstifter (GP) – Bremerhaven from 4 Feb

Der fliegende Holländer (d. Lutz) – Halle from 23 Sep
Der fliegende Holländer (revival, d. Dalferth) – Mainz from 28 Sep
Der fliegende Holländer (d. Peters-Messer) – Dessau from 1 Oct
Der fliegende Holländer (d. Gürbaca) – Antwerp/Gent from 20 Oct
Der fliegende Holländer (d. Oldag) – Bremerhaven from 29 Oct
Der fliegende Hollander (d. Nemirova) – Magdeburg from 21 Jan
Der fliegende Holländer (d. Mottl) – Hannover from 9 Feb
Der fliegende Holländer (revival; d. Steier) – Heidelberg from 7 Mar
Der fliegende Holländer (d. Carr) – Nederlandse Reisopera from 20 Apr
Der fliegende Holländer – Hagen from 6 May
Der fliegende Holländer (d. Spuck) – Berlin DO from 7 May
Der fliegende Holländer (revival; d. Bösch) – Frankfurt from 20 May
Der fliegende Holländer (d. Amos) – Lübeck from 9 Jun
Lohengrin (revival; d. Herzog) – Frankfurt from 21 Oct
Lohengrin (d. Bouzzard) – St Gallen from 22 Oct
Lohengrin (revival/d. Konwitschny) – Hamburg from 13 Nov
Lohengrin (d. Gürbaca) – Essen from 4 Dec
Lohengrin (d. Guth) – Paris ON from 18 Jan
Lohengrin (d. Py) – Brussels from 28 Jan NB Now postponed to 2017/18 season
Lohengrin – Krefeld from 15 Apr
Lohengrin (d. K. Wagner) – Prague NT from 8 Jun
Lohengrin (revival, d. Homoki) – Zurich from 4 Jul
Lohengrin (revival, d. Knabe) – Mannheim from tba
Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg (d. Metzger) – Detmold from 18 Sep
Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg (revival; d. Homoki) – Berlin KO from 25 Sep
Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg (d. Nemirova, from Erfurt) – Weimar from 5 Nov
Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg (d. Holten) – London ROH from 11 Mar
Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg (d. Haag) – Meiningen from 7 Apr
Parsifal (revival; d. Audi) – Amsterdam from 6 Dec
Parsifal (d. Štorman) – Bremen from 11 Sep
Parsifal (d. Hermanis, c. Bychkov) – Vienna SO from 30 Mar
Parsifal – Coburg from 9 Apr
Parsifal (revival; d. Dew) – Chemnitz from 14 Apr
Der Ring des Nibelungen (revival; d. Gilmore) – Leipzig, 2 cycles from 7 Jan
Der Ring des Nibelungen (revival; d. Schmiedleitner) – Nuremberg, 4 cycles from 12 Mar to Jun
Der Ring des Nibelungen (revival; d. Friedrich) – Berlin DO 1-9 & 13-17 Apr
Der Ring: Das Rheingold (d. Laufenberg, from Linz) – Wiesbaden from 13 Nov
Walküre – Wiesbaden from 15 Jan
Siegfried – Wiesbaden from 2 Apr
Gotterdammerung – Wiesbaden from 23 Apr
Der Ring: Das Rheingold (d. Hilsdorf) – Düsseldorf from 23 Jun
Der Ring: Das Rheingold (d. Esterhazy) – Oldenburg from 4 Feb
Der Ring: Das Rheingold (revival from 2015/16) – Kiel from 24 Mar
Die Walküre (revival from 2015/16) – Kiel from 14 May
Siegfried (d. Karasek) – Kiel from 11 Mar
Der Ring: Die Walküre (d. Sharon) – Karlsruhe from 11 Dec
Siegfried (d. Anarsson) – Karlsruhe from 10 Jun
Tannhäuser – Greifswald from 27 Jan
Tannhäuser (revival; d. Heinicke) – Chemnitz from 28 Jan
Tannhäuser (d. Bieito, from Flanders Opera) – Bern from 25 Mar
Tannhäuser (d. Koohestani) – Darmstadt from 22 Apr
Tannhäuser (d. Castellucci) – Munich from 21 May
Tannhäuser (d. Erath) – Saarbrucken from 4 Jun
Tristan und Isolde – Graz from 24 Sep
Tristan und Isolde (revival; d. Kosky) – Essen from 25 Feb
Tristan und Isolde (d. Schulz) – Gelsenkirchen from 4 Mar
Tristan und Isolde (revival from Bayreuth 1993, d. Müller) – Lyon from 18 Mar

Der Freischütz (d. Fritschi) – Zurich from 18 Sep
Der Freischütz (d. Berger-Görski) – Gera from 28 Oct
Der Freischütz (d. Wilgenbus) – Hildesheim from 18 Feb
Der Freischütz (d. Schlösser) – Saarbrücken from 19 Nov
Der Freischütz – Bielefeld from 4 Mar
Der Freischütz (d. C. Wagner) – Münster from 25 Mar
Der Freischütz (d. Von Götz) – Leipzig from 4 Mar
Der Freischütz (d. Leupold) – Heidelberg from 31 Mar
Oberon (concert perf.) – Gießen from 17 Dec
Oberon (d. Habjan) – Munich from 21 Jul

Mahagonny (d. Mühlen) – Halle from 21 Jan
Mahagonny (d. Schwab) – Gera from 3 Mar
Mahagonny (d. Oldag) – Cottbus from 11 Mar
Mahagonny (d. Spirei) – Salzburg from 30 Apr
Mahagonny (d. Dietz) – Mannheim from 1 Jul

The Passenger (d. Rech) – Gelsenkirchen from 28 Jan
The Passenger (d. Weber) – Dresden from 24 Jun
Wir gratulieren (d. Kim; c/w Polykrates) – Heidelberg from 28 May

Wigglesworth, Ryan
The Winter’s Tale (WP, d. Kinnear) – London ENO from 27 Feb

Winkler, Kenneth
Totentanz (WP) – Innsbruck from 18 Feb

Il segreto di Susanna (in German, d. Papke, c/w Rota) – Görlitz from 19 Nov

Oresteia (d. Bieito) – Basel from 24 Mar

Giulietta e Romeo (d. Montavon) – Erfurt from 8 Apr
Giulietta e Romeo (d. Kochheim) – Braunschweig from 21 Apr

Leonce und Lena (d. Horres) – Linz from 22 Apr

Der Vogelhändler (d. Ecker) – Cologne from 17 Dec

Der Zwerg (c/w Dallapiccola’s Prigioniero) – Graz from 25 Mar

Zimmermann, Udo
Weisse Rose (d. S. Konwitschny) – Augsburg from 8 Oct
Weisse Rose (d. Ellinidou) – Cologne from 22 Oct
Weisse Rose (d. Drescher) – Biel/Solothurn from 4 Nov

Giulietta e Romeo (1796) (d. Loschky) – Heidelberg/Schwetzingen from 25 Nov

WP = world premiere
GP = German premiere
AP = Austrian premiere
SP = Swiss premiere
UKP = UK premiere
d. = director
c. = conductor